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Watch Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears Live Online Streaming [9/20/2015]

Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears Live Stream
Chicago Bears Looking To Upend Thriving Arizona Cardinals

The Chicago Bears have been willing to make some serious changes on defense. The team is now trying Jared Allen out as an outside linebacker. As you look at the Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears matchup, you will have to look at the changes the Bears have made by encouraging players like safety Ryan Mundy to focus more on his basic tackling skills, instead of just launching himself at people like Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. The game will take place on Sunday, Sept. 20th, 2015 1PM at Soldier Field in Chicago.


Levi Norwood is going to play the slot receiver position for the Bears in his rookie season out of Baylor. The Bears are looking to improve their secondary with the signing of Antrel Rolle and Tracy Porter. Porter is known as the better cover cornerback of the two, but Rolle is more capable of tackling people in the open field. A key question in this contest is whether veteran defensive linemen like Jeremiah Ratliff can get the kind of push up field in order to tackle a slippery running back like Andre Ellington. Ellington is probably the most viable running back on the Arizona Cardinals roster. You have to be able to find ways to make sure that the Cardinals are able to control Matt Forte, and they would be able to do that through the play of an experienced linebacker like LaMarr Woodley.


Kyle Long and players like him have tried to bring consistency to the Bears offensive line. Kevin Minter, as a blitzing linebacker is going to try to create havoc and make things difficult for Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. Long has to be able to pick up on the different blitzes that Minter and Cardinals players will throw at him. The Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears game is going to come down to some of the core functions of a football team. A full back is currently not on the Chicago Bears roster. If you want the wide outs like Alshon Jeffrey and Eddie Royal to be able to succeed, you have to pay attention to the different blocking schemes that have been installed.

Defensive Backs

We saw the struggles that the Bears had in the defensive backfield, this is despite the fact that a good ball hawking corner like Kyle Fuller is definitely available. Carson Palmer is going to be able to exploit some of those holes in the Bears secondary and we can see a very competitive game when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears contest. Confidence is going to play a key role here, and if Alshon Jeffrey and Jay Cutler are not confident then there could be trouble.


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